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Summer-style “skirt” like

The flexible silhouette creates a French romance
Simple and smooth A-line skirt type, inclusive

Tencel lyocell cotton yarn blend

In the cotton texture, the lyocell fabric is infused with natural origin The cloth surface is gentle to the touch, has good drape, and the fabric has a beautiful luster

The spacious toe cap

small body, large capacity, and matching all foot shapes

The steady heel

balances the force, and the gait is smooth and light

Comfortable, light and soft inside

delicate and skin-friendly, resistant to bending and wrinkles


Casual style is a fashion style that focuses on comfort, practicality, and casualness, and is suitable for both everyday life and informal occasions. It is centered on a relaxed and natural attitude, emphasizing personal comfort and comfort in wearing. Here’s a closer look at casual style:
Comfort: Casual style clothing focuses on comfort and often features soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and knitwear.
Practicality: This style emphasizes functionality and practicality, and the clothing design is simple without excessive decoration, making it suitable for various daily activities.
Variety: Casual style items are varied, and can be matched according to different occasions and seasons, giving it flexibility.

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